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Too long since an update...

I always go to write one of these thinking I have a billion things to talk about then when I start I can't think of anything. lol.

This summer has been good so far! I miss all my friends who went back to Japan, but I'll get to see them again in six months. :( Still seems so far away... I'm very busy because I'm working two jobs (data entry at a school supply store and cashiering at a grocery store) but getting two paychecks in my bank account every week is fantastic. XD

I finally got a new laptop to replace my broken one. So that's where my all the money I made this month went... lol.

Just a few days ago I got hired for a new job at my college. I'll be working with an agronomy professor and taking all the data the University has collected for like the last 20 years on different hybrid crops and helping him set that up into an online database. o_o lol I feel so professional saying all that...

I hope everyone is having a good month / summer!
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Japanese Music Post

I though for once, instead of whining about how much I hate studying Japanese, I can introduce you guys to some parts of Japanese I actually like. XD KIDDING of course, I love Japanese and studying it. School is just a pain.

I'm including an LJ-cut because I'm putting in some videos and I don't want anyone's internet to freeze. Everything is for sure work-safe.

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Hope everyone enjoyed that~ :3
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Since I'm waiting for my ramen to cook and I'm just watching TV anyway, I thought I'd do an update~

For those of you interested, my trip to Japan is still on! Got an email from the study abroad department today saying there was no reason that we wouldn't be able to study abroad with the situation as is. But nothing short of a volcano exploding in the middle of Tokyo is gonna keep me from going. XD

Otherwise nothing special~ just doing what I can to keep up with everything, so there's nothing really special to say. ^^;
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Life Update

Ohaithere LJ. Haven't seen you in awhile.

Yeah, I'm barely keeping up all my online obligations since school started because I have:

- 17 credits (five classes: Geometry, Combinatorics, Computer Data Structures, 6th Semester Japanese and Japanese Literature)
- 12 hours at my part-time job every week
- Study Abroad forms to fill out, scholarships to apply for, and summer internships/jobs to fill out applications.


I'm freaking busy.

Like, fer reals.

But I like you guys and I'm not paying attention during this class anyway, so I'll type this up for y'all. ♥

Since I don't do anything besides schoolwork, I'll talk about that~ Geometry is awesome and fun, lots of proof-writing but I don't mind. Combinatorics is FREAKING HARD. O_O Like, there's so much mathematical theory and my professor wants our homework done very specifically... we have an exam next week and I'm very scared. ;3;

Japanese Literature has so much reading! Gah! I like the readings about half the time, so it's all right, but I don't have a lot of free time, and I don't like having to take this class as a major requirement. >_< 6th Semester Japanese is the worst!! The yomimono is super difficult, always, and the kanji are impossible for me to remember... I failed my last kanji quiz and I've been sad about it for awhile now... D:

I have a comp sci project due tonight that I have to finish before I go to work... so I hope it'll be all right.

K, that's all I'm going to write for now. Study abroad plan / life update to come in a week or two~
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New Year??


2010 was epic. And full of change. ♥
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I'm excited for the direction my life is going. :) Things are going great for me~
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Life Update

Well finals are coming up, which means I won't have much free time for a couple weeks. D|| So I thought I'd let you guys know how I'm doing~ (even though a lot of you seem MIA mostly due to school too) ;3;

First of all, COMPUTER SCIENCE IS SO HARD. DX We made a huge program in Java last week... I wanted to cry and throw my computer out the window SO MANY TIMES. a;skda;sldkfj. And we have another due next Wednesday... Dx I hate school sometimes.

Math is... still okay. >_<;; I'm not as interested in it as I was last year. I think it's because I don't like my calculus teacher anymore. But next semester will be better~ because I'll have geometry again! *squeals* I love geometry. x3

Japanese is... too hard. -_- I'm starting to lose interest in the subject completely... which is why I've decided to watch a bunch of anime over break. x3; Hopefully that'll help me regain my interest (since my love of manga is what got me into this in the first place. But I need to hear the language to become interested in it again.) And I really need to regain my interest so I can get things ready for my study abroad next year! ♥ I'll be in Tokyo, Japan from September to February. I'm very excited. ^^ I told my friends and some of the Japanese exchange students last weekend and they started making fun of me saying I should be a hostess or work in a maid cafe. XD

But anyway, I've decided I'm gonna watch Durarara! for sure. x3; I love it already and all I know is the theme songs. I love Japanese music so much. ♥ I also might watch Kuroshitsuji. Might.

Well I'm gonna study now before I go celebrate one of the Japanese exchange student's birthday. ♥ ^^

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Life Update

I'm supposed to be doing my Japanese video right now. It took me a half an hour to record a decent minute of it. D|| I'm no good at these things. I have two minutes of it done now and another one to go. Then edit them all together and pitch it to the producer. wait that's not right... Then we watch them all in class tomorrow. That means a week without real Japanese class, so I'm not complaining since I have two exams this week. augh, seriouslyyyyyy.

Also, I turn 21 next week!!! FINALLY. XD My friend is driving here to visit and take me out to some bars. I'm excited. ♥

Now to finish this stupid Japanese video. Then maybe sleep. Or watching more hulu and knitting. Lol~
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(no subject)

Just found out this morning that my dog has a malignant tumor on her liver, and the vet said she isn't going to live for another week. :( So I'm sitting in my dorm room crying right now and trying to find people to cover my work shifts this weekend so I can go home and see her one last time.

I'm going to be MIA from all icontests and LJ-related for a few days. Those of you who run icontests with me, if you guys could cover me I'd really appreciate it. :(
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6 Icons

Lol, I got this meme from vai_rin. Basically, if you comment here, I'll pick 6 of your icons and then you have to make this post and talk about them.

Here are the icons Lene picked~

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LOL Okay I have computer science class now! But comment if you'd like to do the meme! :)