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Carrie's Journal

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SE animated mood theme credit to alice_rm. My journal header was made by me and the layout code is by the famous milou_veronica

Myself: I'm 20 years old, I'm a college student, majoring in math and Japanese. I live in the very boring state of Wisconsin in the US. xD;; I'm very uninteresting so I won't bore you with anymore details. ^^;

My Fandoms: Soul Eater, Sailor Moon, CLAMP, Ouran High School Host Club, Hayao Miyazaki movies, Kingdom Hearts games, Fullmetal Alchemist... and others I can't think of ><;;

I'm not really sure where all my images come from, comment and I can probably point you towards the right one. Sorry. >_<;;; Also, I take a lot of screencaps myself, so if you want a specific one I can totally share.

Tutorials, Textures, Brushes, etc., taken from: starclan_icons, __gunner, lynnelegant, fade_out, 2baki, tropicalsundae, sosmallxx, palebird, ecenoci, toon_tutorials, lifeisdolce, lil_brokenangel, noniq, daylight_rose, soaked, 100x100_brushes, tearjerkericons, kaelcreations, caoticgirl, missunderstuud, 3mused, meathiel, bttrfly_kiss, kessha and Colorfilter.net

I have DEFINITELY missed a lot of resource credits. Please comment and I will add yooouuu but you have to comment, gomenasai!! ^^;;;

And please check out either of the communities that I moderate at sm_icontest, fmadesignawards and manga_character (which I also founded ;D)

And if you want to see go on and on about manga for 160 characters at a time, I have a twitter

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